Brian McBride – “Our Last Moment In Song”

There’s a soccer player named Brian McBride, but I doubt he could make an album that as simultaneously calm and haunting as the one who made When The Detail Lost Its Freedom. The tracks are really spare- it almost sounds like you’re hearing only a part of the music. But McBride doesn’t need to overuse sound to create beautiful songs. Check it out:

Brian McBride – “Our Last Moment In Song” (MP3)


Brian McBride – “A Gathering To Lead Me When You’re Gone” (MP3)
Brian McBride – “Silent Motels” (MP3)

Windy & Carl are also on Kranky Records, and their new album, The Dream House, is similar. It’s like the soundtrack to sitting outside in the country. You can download their new album here, but it’s only samples because almost all the songs are over 15 minutes long.