Metallica’s Death Magnetic Leaks

The question is, will anyone want to download it? No sooner than we trudged through the desert and Metallica’s Thomas Vinterberg-directed “The Day That Never Comes” recruitment clip and mentioned that is currently streaming “Cyanide” (which we first saw/heard live) than we have more new Death Magnetic tunes to depress us. This past weekend a friend lamented to me (at great length) that Metallica were his favorite band for the majority of his youth — see Kill ‘Em All thru The Black Album for him (…And Justice For All for me) — but that the longer they go on, the more he feels embarrassed for them and himself. That said, if “My Apocalypse” wasn’t more than enough to get that blush going, here’s “The Unforgiven III,” the instrumental “Suicide & Redemption,” “The Judas Kiss,” and “All Nightmare Long.” Check out the vocal effect on the first one.

“The Unforgiven III”

“Suicide & Redemption”

“The Judas Kiss”

“All Nightmare Long”

All nightmare long is about right.

Death Magnetic is out 9/12.

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