Harmony Tividad – “Russian Roulette”

Harmony Tividad, one half of the Philly duo Girlpool, has had an excellent string of solo one-offs this year culminating in her four-track Robust EP. Tividad has seemingly shared one last solo offering before the end of the year with the subdued yet powerful “Russian Roulette.” The lo-fi tune darkly shades a bleak outlook on life over little more than infectious guitar and cleverly syncopated drums. She sings, “Daddy Warbucks/ Cutting off your ears/ When he holds them/ Oils them with fear/ Are we silly/ Or clinically oppressed/ The Russian roulette/ We passively accept.” Ultimately, it’s illuminated by a message of hope as she repeats “I love you so much” until the song fades. The songwriting is visceral and strong, and the minimal aesthetic gives the shifts in emotional weight room to resonate potently. Listen.

You can name your price for “Russian Roulette” here.