Julie Byrne – “I Live Now As A Singer”

Nomadic singer-songwriter Julie Byrne is set to share her latest full-length effort, Not Even Happiness, toward the end of the month. We’ve already heard lead single “Natural Blue” and the followup “Follow My Voice,” and both were lush, beautiful pleas.

Her latest offering is “I Live Now As A Singer.” In our recent interview with Byrne, she expounded on the importance of finding a place you can call home, even if it isn’t a place you anticipated. In her latest single, Byrne reinforces that statement with an empowering message about living in fully immersed in the present regardless of locale lest your life pass you by. She sings, “And I have dragged my lives across the country/ And wondered if travel led me anywhere” over lush, sweeping, lingering synths, and strings that lend an orchestral feel to her vivid, folk-y storytelling. Not Even Happiness is shaping up beautifully. Listen to “I Live Now As A Singer” below via The Fader.

Not Even Happiness is out 1/27 via Ba Da Bing. Pre-order it here.

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