Orchin – “Ego Deathbed”

The latest track from Orchin’s forthcoming self-titled EP begins with a sigh full of futile relinquish. The slow-paced laze of “Ego Deathbed” sounds like glam metal on quaaludes with its stunted power chord opener before shifting into self-effacing shoegaze when frontman Jeremy McLennan’s melancholic vocals take over. “I really want to feel good/ I really want to feel like you said I should,” he continues to lament on the first couple verses. McLennan confided in the Fader about the single’s dark depth:

“Ego Deathbed” is about you as your own worst enemy. Its sound is intentionally menacing, like your ego is hunting you down. It’s a dark point in the record but marks a turning point where things start to look up โ€” that cycle that is basically life as someone trying to put themselves out there creatively.

Listen below.

Orchin will be available 3/17.

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