Body Count – “No Lives Matter”

There aren’t too many metal bands whose voices seem especially relevant at this particular moment in history — I talked about this late last year, and we can leave it there — so the precious few who matter? They REALLY fucking matter. Kreator are one of them. Another is Body Count, Ice-T’s metal side project that kicked off in the early ’90s and gained instant notoriety/infamy/immortality for their truly uncompromising “Cop Killer.”

Body Count have been an on-and-off concern for the past two and a half decades, but they’re needed right now, so they’re answering the damn call. They’ve got a new LP, Bloodlust, on the way, and today, they drop the first single, “No Lives Matter.”

Normally, when writing up a song like this, I’d pull out a few of the harder-hitting lyrics to give you some idea what the artist is trying to convey, but in this case, that’s a fool’s errand, because (A) you know exactly what the fuck this thing is about, and (B) every line is a goddamn scorcher, starting with T’s spoken-word intro. Here’s how it starts:

It’s unfortunate that we even have to say “Black Lives Matter” — I mean, if you go through history, nobody ever gave a fuck; I mean you can kill black people in the street, nobody goes to jail, nobody goes to prison.

And the intensity just ramps the hell up from there. The song is pure, righteous fury; by the time it hits the chorus, you’re gonna be throwing chairs through the window. This is not “flames emoji” — this is actual fucking FIRE. This is the soundtrack to America 2017. Listen.

Bloodlust is out 3/31 via Century Media. Pre-order it and check out the band’s new merch here.

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