Tonstartssbandht – “Breathe”

Tonstartssbandht – “Breathe”

The Florida/New York duo of Andy and Ed White, known as Tonstartssbandht (tahn-starts-bandit), have quite the background in all things lo-fi, thanks to the sheer volume of music the two put out separately and together. Andy plays bass in Mac DeMarco’s live band, and both brothers have released work under different names, not to mention their previous releases under Tonstartssbandht such as 2014’s Overseas. We’ve already gotten a glimpse into Sorcerer, out next month, via the album’s title track. Now they’re sharing another that suggests we’re in for some longform jams.

“Breathe” is an 11-minute voyage of moody and mellow guitar tones, mixed with the occasional distorted vocals for good measure. The song fades out in its final two minutes, gently, with stretched-out synths that turn from sweet to spookily ominous when played just right. Tonstartssbandht will be hitting the road with DeMarco throughout May. Listen to “Breathe” below.

Sorcerer is out 3/24 via Mexican Summer.

Tonstartssbandht -

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