Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge – “Sleeping By Myself” (Eddie Vedder Cover)

Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge – “Sleeping By Myself” (Eddie Vedder Cover)

Jazz guitarist Julian Lage and the Punch Brothers’ Chris Eldridge are releasing their second album together, titled Mount Royal, tomorrow. The duo is teasing the release with one more advance track, a sugar-coated version of Eddie Vedder’s “Sleeping By Myself.” It arrives with a video taking place in what seems like an old, deteriorating mansion — perfect for a song dedicated to heartbreak and drowning in self-sorrow. “Sleeping By Myself” comes from Vedder’s 2011 record Ukulele Songs, although that instrument is not actually used in Lage and Eldridge’s rendition. The two get lost in their delicate, hand-plucked guitar melodies as sunlight washes in from the window behind them. Lage weighed in on the choice of material:

I first became aware of this song some years back when Eddie Vedder released his ukulele record, which I immediately loved. While collecting music for this album, we were looking for a song that was well suited to Chris’s voice and also allowed room for some kind of interesting interlocking guitar accompaniment. This felt like a dream song to bring this kind of treatment to.

Watch their sweet cover below.

Mount Royal is out 2/24 via Free Dirt Records. Pre-order it here.

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