Skating Polly – “Hail Mary” Video

Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse, the two stepsisters behind the Oklahoma City trio Skating Polly, were not yet born when Veruca Salt were taking over alt-rock radio. (Mayo is 21, and Bighorse is 16; they were 14 and nine, respectively, when they started the band.) But they still got Veruca Salt co-leaders Louise Post and Nina Gordon to help write the songs from their forthcoming EP New Trick. And a song like “Hail Mary” has some of the grand, large-scale fuzzy melodicism that’s largely gone extinct from the ’90s. It’s a very cool song, and it has a very cool and arty video from director Dave Smith. Check it out below, via NPR.

The New Trick EP is out 4/28 on El Camino Media.