Happy Jew Year

The sun is starting to set, which means that it’ll be the beginning of Rosh Hashanan soon. For Stereogum’s semitic readers we recommend the following Silver Jews MP3s.

Silver Jews – “Room Games and Diamond Rain” (MP3)
Silver Jews – “People” (MP3)
Silver Jews – “Black and Brown Blues” (MP3)
Silver Jews – “Advice To The Graduate” (MP3)

SJews’ Tanglewood Numbers (out 10/18) gets a big Stereogum stamp of approval, but you don’t have to take our word for it; here’s what Animal Collective’s Brian “Geologist” Weitz had to say in yesterday’s NY Times:

Most of the indie rock I listened to in the 90’s hasn’t held up for me musically, but David Berman, the main force behind Silver Jews, is the one standout artist. He doesn’t stray from his style, but his new album … is a bold statement from someone trying something new. Unlike his more stripped-down earlier albums, this one is a more slickly produced rock album. It put me off at first, but after repeated listenings it gave me the guilty pleasure you find in an Eddie Money song.

There you have it. Tanglewood Numbers is a slick, guilty pleasure … like Eddie Money. And you thought WE were music snobs.

On Thursday night, Berman played himself opposite labelmate Will Oldham (as a psychologist) in a self-penned play titled “Publicity Stunt.” Billboard reports the duo performed “20 minutes of mantras, ruminations, and non-sequiturs, before introducing an unnamed folk singer from Galway, Ireland.” It was a guilty pleasure, like what you find in The O.C..