Hurricane Benefit Show At Bowery Ballroom

Last night, The Bowery Ballroom hosted a Salvation Army benefit concert to help hurricane victims in LA and TX. There were 6 bands/artists on the bill, and they managed to all fit in 4 hours. Other Passengers opened, and apparently their singer was instrumental in bringing the whole show together. Which is really great, but his faux-Jarvis Cocker routine wore thin, and his irritating antics overshadowed some of the potentially interesting instrumentation.

Grizzly Bear followed with a powerful set that undoubtedly won them some new fans.

Akron/Family followed with a raucous and eclectic performance. Definitely not a band to be missed live.

The less said about Wooden Wand and Adam Green’s performances, the better, I’m afraid.

Sufjan Stevens closed out the night with a solo acoustic set, and he really delivered the goods. He opened with REM’s “The One I Love” and played “Romulus” for his encore. Basically, any song from Michigan up through Illinois with a guitar or banjo-heavy arrangement got played.

MP3s from the bands (where available):

Other Passengers – “In The Belly” (MP3)
Other Passengers – “Bank” (MP3)

Akron Family – “Small Shape” (MP3)
Akron Family – “Shake Collage” (MP3)
Akron Family – “Deep Kazoo” (MP3)
Akron Family – “I’ll Be On The Water” (MP3)

Sufjan Stevens – “The One I Love” (MP3)