Cayetana – “Bus Ticket”

Cayetana – “Bus Ticket”

Augusta Koch’s vocals are rugged. Kelly Olsen and Allegra Anka’s guitar-drum combo is jaunting, but sporadic. Cayetana’s latest single “Bus Ticket,” from their upcoming album New Kind Of Normal, begins demanding and turgid, feeling like an exhausting hike up a desolate hill. But there’s a clearing once Koch gets through the sticky last line (“But I’m adjusting to this medication”) before the first chorus. “So I could feel more, care less/ So I could get this shit off my chest,” she sings as the track begins to open up and breathe. “Bus Ticket” is a song about embracing individual humanity, remembering that you’re strong, malleable, and ready for your curtain call … or, in the Philly trio’s words, your bus ticket.

Cayetana told The Fader over email that, “‘Bus Ticket’ was one of the last songs written for the record and very much encapsulates the theme of New Kind Of Normal. The song is about the experience of mentally hitting rock bottom, and realizing your own inner strength can be the tool to pick you back up.” Listen to it below.

New Kind Of Normal is out 5/5 via Plum Records.

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