Hear’s Tim Heidecker Ballad For 4Chan

Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker has recently proven himself to be one of the most reliable political satirists working, channeling the far-right exploits of the day into smooth retro soft-rock. During campaign season, he gave us “Trump’s Pilot” (a tune quickly covered by Father John Misty). Then he delivered a tune about white supremacist Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on Inauguration Day. He later sent up Donald Trump’s obsession with spending his weekends at Mar-A-Lago and most recently teamed up with Misty for the Simon & Garfunkel parody “I Am A Cuck.”

Now Heidecker’s written a song about 4Chan, the online cesspool that serves as a hub for extreme right-wing hate groups and makes Reddit look practically utopian by comparison. (You may recall when hateful 4Chan comments by DIIV’s Devin Ruben Perez made the rounds.) Over some groovy Jackson Browne-style roots rock, Heidecker sings from the perspective of a 4Chan troll, crooning such lyrics as, “And I can’t get away with murder, but I can ruin somebody’s weekend/ Take down their websites and call ‘em all kinds of names.” It’s hilarious, poignant, and a little mean. Listen below.

Regarding that fat-shaming chorus, Heidecker writes, “Hey i know the chorus is a cheap shot. Believe me, I could lose a few! Anyway, all proceeds to the ACLU! peace and chill! :)” Purchase the song here.