TENDER – “Nadir”

TENDER is the London duo of James Cullen and Dan Cobb. Today they present “Nadir,” a melodically heavy electro-pop track that bubbles with urgency from some sort of string-oriented riff. Despite how vibrant and entrancing it is at first listen, “Nadir” explores the stagnancy of a dying relationship. TENDER’s forthcoming album for Partisan Records was inspired by both the stress-inducing and anxiety-relieving aspects of a long-term relationship. Lead vocalist Cullen further explains the song:

By definition “Nadir” means “the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation.” The song is about being in an unchanging and static relationship at its worst and the process of freeing yourself from that. Not in terms of bitterness or falling out of love, but rather the natural decline, and learning to love a person in a different way.

Listen to “Nadir” below.

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