Faith Healer – “Light Of Loving”

Faith Healer – “Light Of Loving”

Faith Healer’s debut Cosmic Troubles was one of the best albums of 2015, and now Jessica Jalbert is finally breaking her two-year silence with a new LP called Try 😉. Today she offers you a feeling of wind-in-your-hair freedom with lead single “Light Of Loving.” It takes you on a trip; one minute you’re in your room getting ready, and then within an instant, you’re in a car with the windows down speeding on the naked road in a fuzzy explosion of wanderlust.

Jalbert and collaborator Renny Wilson captured that feeling of relentless stamina from their jam sessions. “We jammed on it for four hours and recorded the entire thing. By the time we were finished jamming, my hand hurt so badly I had to stick it in the freezer and ice it,” Jalbert says. “Lyrically and musically the song is a reflection on the experience of being mentally slapped out of a stupor. Specifically it references a clouds-parting kind of moment I had last summer, where it felt like clarity and mystery equally bestowed themselves onto me all at once, and I felt the urge to explore them both.” Enter the “Light Of Loving” below.


01 “Waiting”
02 “Light Of Loving”
03 “Might As Well”
04 “Sterling Silver”
05 “Such A Gemini”
06 “Try ;-)”
07 “2nd Time”
08 “Sufferin’ Creature”
09 “Best Saved 4 Last”

Upcoming live shows:
07/16 Calgary, AB @ Coca-Cola Stage w/ July Talk (Calgary Stampede)
09/08 Edmonton, AB @ 99ten (Record Release Show)
09/09 Calgary, AB @ Circle The Wagons Festival

Try 😉 is out 9/8 on Mint Records. Pre-order it here.

Faith Healer
CREDIT: Levi Manchak

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