Stream Rainer Maria’s S/T

It’s a rare band that comes back sounding just as good if not better than they did when they went away, but Rainer Maria is part of that elite crew. S/T (just S/T, not as in self-titled) is the trio’s first new album in over a decade, since 2006’s farewell note Catastrophe Keeps Us Together, and it feels just as vital and fresh as their first couple albums, all with the hard-earned experience and precision that comes with being a band for so long. They’ve shared three tracks in advance of the album’s release — “Lower Worlds,” “Suicides And Lazy Eyes,” and “Forest Mattress” — and now they’re streaming it in full. You can listen to it over on NPR.

S/T is out 8/18 via Polyvinyl Records. Pre-order it here.

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