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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

It’s a little too messy and slapdash to make this week’s list, but I’d like to take this space to give a special shout out to Downtown Boys’ “Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendajas)” video. It’s a beautiful look at the kids currently being targeted by the inhuman dipshits currently in power and a powerful statement of strength. This week’s picks are below.

5. Cray – “Lotus” (Dir. Ariel Fisher)

I have no idea who this person is, but this video is a veritable gif goldmine.

4. Björk – “The Gate” (Dir. Andrew Tomas Huang)

It’s not her best work. It’s too long. There’s no narrative and not a lot of momentum. It leans a little hard on kaleidoscopic CGI. Still, it’s Björk, looking like a silent-movie star from another galaxy, dancing with creatures made out of light. There’s no way it wasn’t going to make this list.

3. Rae Morris – “Do It” (Dir. Noel Paul)

Last week, I spent 48 hours in New York City and wanted to claw my own skin off by the time it was over. And immediately after getting back home to the mountains, I got this video, which makes New York look like the most romantic place on the planet. It can be that, too.

2. Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Deadly Valentine” (Dir. Charlotte Gainsbourg)

Charlotte Gainsbourg is 15 years older than Dev Hynes, but she is also a human being made out of sinew and feelings, so it seems entirely plausible that the two of them could’ve been in love with each other since they were both babies. And after watching Gainsbourg suffer through who knows how many Lars Von Trier movies, how great is it to just watch her dance and radiate bliss?

1. OrelSan – “Basique” (Dir. Greg & Lio)

I have a feeling that this would be cooler if I hadn’t forgotten whatever French I learned in school. But even without that, it’s an absolute triumph of cinematography and choreography — a three-minute magic trick.