Stream Krallice & Dave Edwardson’s Collaborative Album Loüm

Stream Krallice & Dave Edwardson’s Collaborative Album Loüm

Krallice never stop. They’re always working on new Krallice material, and every member of the band is also always doing like half a dozen other projects. Considering (A) the complexity of the material and (B) the laws of physics, I’m honestly not sure how they’re able to produce so much music in such a time frame. But they never stop. Case in point: Today, the band drop a surprise new LP and also announce another new LP to follow shortly thereafter.

The one that’s on the horizon is gonna be called Go Be Forgotten, and per the band, it’s set to arrive “late November or early December 2017, we hope.” The one we get today, Loüm, is both a Krallice album and sort of a Krallice side project (I guess?) in that it’s a collaboration with Neurosis’ Dave Edwardson, who plays synths and does some vocals alongside the full Krallice lineup: guitarist Colin Marston, drummer Lev Weinstein, guitarist/vocalist Mick Barr, and bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster. However, unlike a number of the band’s way-more outré side projects, this one sounds like fucking Krallice and nothing else. The elements brought to the mix by Edwardson only give additional heft to a sound that wasn’t exactly lacking in density in the first place. It’s psychotic, virtuosic, pile-driving, time-shifting free-jazz-death-sludge-black metal. It is every bit as unrelenting as its authors. Listen.

Pre-order Loüm and Go Be Forgotten right now on Krallice’s Bandcamp.

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