Damian Marley vs. Sinead O’Connor

I’ve been listening to the new Damian Marley Welcome to Jamrock, overcoming my initial reluctance to indulge what might be another Sean Lennon. Not every track on there is perfect- working his father’s “Exodus” into “Move!” doesn’t do much for me, and who can like anything that combines saxophone and Bobby Brown?- but this is a really solid album. It sounds fresh and new and kills loud.

Damian Marley – “Khaki Suit” (MP3 link removed)

And, in case no one ever dances in the bars you go to, you might not have heard this one:
Damian Marley – “All Night” (MP3 link removed)

Contrast with Sinead O’Connor’s new reggae album, Throw Down Your Arms. It sounds fine: as Jed pointed out to me, she has a beautiful voice, so it’s hard for it to suck. It doesn’t. I guess I just can’t get past the feeling that you’ll get it for free if you spend $100 at 10,000 Villages. After a couple listens, it’s just not going anywhere.

Fred Wilson made it his MP3 of the Week, though, and last week he had up a new Bloc Party track, so go download the mp3 and make up your own mind.

Update: Raina is going to kill me if I don’t point out that I used her copy of Jamrock and she liked it first.