Björk Addresses Fans Who Are Upset That Arca Is In Her New Video

Björk’s 2017 release, Utopia, opens with an epic song called “Arisen My Senses,” and just yesterday we were treated to a video for it. Jesse Kanda — the visual artist responsible for the Utopia album art — created the clip, and it features an appearance from Björk’s co-producer Arca. It’s unusual for Björk to showcase another protagonist in her videos; like her album art, Björk visuals are generally an act of self-portraiture, though there are certainly exceptions. Some fans were displeased to see Arca take on such a prominent role in the “Arisen My Senses” video and Arca responded to criticism on Twitter.

Björk replied to Arca’s message later, referencing the video she made for “Declare Independence” back in 2008 that featured an appearance from Mark Bell, who co-wrote the song. Read her message to fans below.

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