Watch Lorde & Jack Antonoff Respond To Pro-Israel Heckler In NYC

Last night, Bleachers frontman and producer of the moment Jack Antonoff held his Ally Coalition Talent Show at New York’s Town Hall, raising money for homeless LGBT teenagers. Antonoff’s collaborator Lorde was part of the show, and together, she and Antonoff covered Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Come Away With Me” and Roy Orbison’s “You Got It.” And during their performance, there was a short interruption. Between songs, as Lorde was telling the crowd that they were “so nice,” one gentleman interrupted to tell her that “in Israel, they’re nice, also.”

This was, of course, a reference to Lorde canceling a show in Israel, drawing backlash from a rabbi who bought a full-page Washington Post ad and from Roseanne Barr. In response to the heckler, Lorde stammered, “I know. I know that.” Antonoff, in defense of his friend, leapt to his feet and said, “No, hold on! We’re here raising a shit-ton of money. Fuck that negativity… You know where they’re nice? Right here. Right fucking here. That motherfucker better donate a couple $10,000 more to this shit.” Here’s a fan-made video.

Let’s all resolve to be more like Jack Antonoff in our friendships.