Rabbi Calls Lorde A “Bigot” For Cancelling Israel Show In Full-Page Washington Post Ad

Lorde has moved from Melodrama to just plain drama this holiday season due to controversy over a concert she was scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv this summer. Last week, she announced she was canceling the show after facing protests from the pro-Palestine Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, who had unsuccessfully lobbied Radiohead and Nick Cave to cancel their own shows in the Israeli city last year. In a statement Christmas Eve, Lorde wrote, “i’m not proud to admit i didn’t make the right call on this one.” This spawned a wave of protests from the other direction, some diplomatic (an Israeli ambassador’s request to meet with Lorde) and some not (Roseanne Barr telling her followers to “boycott this bigot” in a now-deleted tweet).

Now, as NME points out, another prominent pro-Israel voice is criticizing Lorde for her decision using language similar to Barr’s. Orthodox Jewish rabbi Shmuley Boteach’s This World: The Values Network took out a full-page ad in The Washington Post with the headline Lorde And New Zealand Ignore Syria To Attack Israel. In large type, the ad also includes the phrase, “21 Is Young To Become A Bigot.” In smaller type, the ad also reads, “Lorde joined a global anti-semitic boycott of Israel but will perform in Russia, despite Putin’s support for Assad’s genocide in Syria.” The body text of the ad includes an allegation that “growing prejudice against the Jewish State” in New Zealand is “trickling down to its youth,” also criticizing New Zealand for co-sponsoring a UN resolution last year condemning continued Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. View the ad below via New Zealand’s 1 News.

We named Lorde’s Melodrama the #1 album of 2017.

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