Kal Marks – “Springtime In January” Video

Kal Marks are releasing a new album, Universal Care, in a couple of weeks. We’ve heard “Adventure,” “Loosed,” and “Today I Walked Down To The Tree, Read A Book, And When I Was Done I Went Back Inside” from it already, and today the Boston band are sharing an animated clip for another new one, “Springtime In January.” That title is a scary and all-too-familiar sensation, at least for anyone here on the East Coast, where this past month has vacillated between nice sunny days and bitter cold. The clip attempts to capture some of that unnatural uncomfortableness by way of a narrative featuring a crew of mutant walrus-spiders (?) hacking the stocks and forming their own society in humanity’s ruins. Here’s director Carly Lieberman on the video:

I like making problems seem trivial by presenting larger less manageable problems. Carl (of Kal Marks) told me this song was about climate change, which is a clumsily managed problem created by humanity. So I started thinking about what would have to happen to make the self destruction of the entire earth seem like less of a problem. This video is about becoming so caught up in small scale problems, that we end up completely blindsided by the more damaging ones.

Watch and listen below.

Universal Care is out 2/23 via Exploding In Sound