New Radiohead Lyrics – “Rubbernecks”

By way of NME, there’s a snippet of lyrics from a new Radiohead song up on their blog:

their dotting all the tees
and crossing their eyes
welcome to the future
it opened up my eyes
its creeping up the car park
its coming up the drive
rubbernecks with cameras
petrol and bonfires(heres the loud bit)

we need to keep away the rubbernecks
we need to keep away the rubbernecks
me me my my

Nice touch, rhyming “eyes” with “eyes”. Like when rappers rhyme “bitch” with “bitch”. Then again, this is a guy who prefaced the lyrics with “at the moment its a demo. when is a demo not a demo? when its in time. whats in time?” Way to make Chris Martin look smart, “Thm”.