Swim Good Now – “Daylight” (Feat. Daniela Andrade, Ryan Hemsworth, Lontalius, & olli)

We’ve been checking for Jonathan Lawless, aka Swim Good Now, since back when he was going by Swim Good. Back in 2014, our first encounter with him was “Grand Beach,” a collaboration with S. Carey and Daniela Andrade. Four years later, he’s getting ready to release a Swim Good Now album co-produced by Ryan Hemsworth, and he’s back with another collaborative effort involving Andrade.

Besides Andrade, “Daylight” features Hemsworth, Lontalius, and olli. It’s sort of a permanently floating pop posse cut, like that all-star Hundred Waters remix from a few years ago if it still sounded as placid as your average Hundred Waters song. Another point of comparison is Air France, with whom Lawless has worked in the past. And obviously if you’re into Hemsworth and his family of Secret Songs artists you’ll find a lot to love here.

“Daylight” is an extremely pretty procession of gorgeously melancholy voices taking their turns over twinkling anti-gravity twilight pop. Following last year’s Half Waif/Georgian Bay collab “It Was The Longest Day Ever,” it has me hoping Lawless is putting together the ambient, indie, downtempo photonegative of Calvin Harris’ star-studded party record Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1. Listen below.

The Swim Good Now album is coming soon on Secret Songs.