It Looks Like Another Beyoncé/Jay-Z Tour Is Happening

Married superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s first On The Run Tour in 2014 was tremendous, and it looks like another one is going down. As Pitchfork points out, a listing for a Bey and Jay show 7/30 at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field appeared on Bey’s Facebook and Ticketmaster pages this morning. The listing, billed as On The Run 2, was quickly deleted, but it appears we’ll be getting an official slate of dates sooner rather than later.

Both spouses have released a wealth of great music and visual media since their first co-headlining tour. Two years ago Bey unveiled Lemonade, her masterful full-scale visual narrative LP depicting their marriage’s fallout and recovery from Jay’s infidelity. We named it the #1 album of 2016. In 2017, Jay followed with 4:44, his own personal reckoning with his failings. The surprising confessional turn was once again one of that year’s best LPs, and it spun off a number of incredible music videos.

Perhaps this tour means the long-rumored Jay/Bey album is finally happening? Probably not, but why not let our imaginations run wild with that one.

Below, find a screenshot of the now-deleted On The Run 2 listing.

So: Will Blue Ivy be performing, too?

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