Hear Blue Ivy Rap On JAY-Z’s 4:44 Bonus Track “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family”

Last Friday, JAY-Z released 4:44, a short and personal new album that stands as JAY’s best work in over a decade. The album, at least as it exists now, has only a few guest-singers and no guest-rappers. But there’s a rumor about a 4:44 physical edition coming out tomorrow, which will apparently have two bonus tracks. And one of those bonus tracks does have a guest rapper: Blue Ivy Carter, the five-year-old daughter of JAY-Z and Beyoncé. This morning, an audio clip that’s supposedly the “Blue’s Freestyle” part of “Blue’s Freestyle / We Familiy” made its way to the internet. It is badly mic’ed and ridiculously charming. I like the part where she says “boomshakalaka” a bunch of times. Also: “never seen a ceiling in my whole life” is a legit hot line. Listen:

I’ve you’ve ever heard a non-Carter five-year-old rapping, you know how impressive this is. When I try to get my kids to rap, it’s just them yelling “Dad farted!” a bunch of times and then giggling uncontrollably.