La Luz – “California Finally”

La Luz’s last album, Weirdo Shrine, came out back in 2015. Recently, the quartet announced they’d return this May with their third outing, Floating Features. Along with that announcement, they shared a hazy and humid lead single called “Cicada.” And now they’re back with another: “California Finally.”

Though La Luz originally hails from Seattle, they relocated to LA in the time between Weirdo Shrine and Floating Features. And though “California Finally” is stylistically of a piece with what the band’s done in the past, you can also hear a bit of their new surroundings this time around. Beyond evoking the state in the song’s title, “California Finally” is a lightly psychedelic jam that gently pushes forward at a pace that makes it ideal for directionless cruising through LA. Thanks to its cooing harmonies, it also sounds like a surf-rock lullaby beamed in from another time. Check it out below.

Floating Features is out 5/11 via Hardly Art. Pre-order it here.

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