The Damned – “Look Left” & “Devil In Disguise”

The Damned – “Look Left” & “Devil In Disguise”

Earlier this year, the Damned staged a comeback, announcing their first new album in 10 years, Evil Spirits — the follow-up to 2008’s So, Who’s Paranoid? — and embarking on a UK tour in advance of the imminent album. We’ve heard one song from it so far, “Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow,” and today the band has released two more, “Look Left” and “Devil In Disguise.” Both were written by their drummer Pinch, who joined the group in 1999, and both were recorded with producer Tony Visconti.

Pinch had something to say about each track, as well. Here’s how he frames “Look Left”:

While everybody’s looking left, what the hell is happening right? Tough subject matter is easier to digest when coated in honey rather than vinegar and the message in this song is so important, I couldn’t risk it being a throw away aggro punk tune that was immediately overlooked. The future is here, and until you awaken your mind, I’ll wait for you.

And he says “Devil In Disguise” has to do with how “people gravitate towards blaming individuals rather than the systems they are part of. Figureheads are only puppets. It’s the puppet masters we should be concerned about. The enemy of our enemy is our friend, apparently.”

Listen to both songs below.

Evil Spirits is out 4/13 via Search And Destroy/Spinefarm.

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