The Voidz – “Pyramid Of Bones”

Can you feel it? Can you feel the world shifting? Can you see that the planets are realigning, that we are reaching the point where Ariel Pink is as popular as Ed Sheeran? No? Well, then Julian Casablancas still has plenty of work left to do. But he and his newly renamed band the Voidz are working on it.

Casablancas might be getting more attention for his interview comments than for his music lately, but his music remains strange and fascinating. Casablancas and his Voidz have a new album called Virtue coming out later this month, and all the songs that we have heard have pushed Casablancas further away from his old Strokes sound and toward a wriggling, queasy, all-over-the-place form of idiosyncratic pop music.

We’ve heard the early tracks “Leave It In My Dreams,” “QYURRYUS,” “Pointlessness,” and “All Wordz Are Made Up.” Today, as this Reddit threat points out, there’s a new Voidz song out there on the internet. “Pyramid Of Bones” has a vaguely funky drum-machine-driven backbeat, a chunky and hyper-processed guitar riff, a yelpy and heavily-treated vocal, and a few moments where it just descends into digital chaos. The Ariel Pink influence is pretty clear. The song isn’t embeddable as of now, but you can hear it at Casablancas’ website.

Virtue is out 3/30 on RCA.