New Dirty Three – “It Happened” and “Rain On” from Cinder

It’s been a long, wet, cranky, lazy day, so I dug up the new Dirty Three and just put it on repeat.

Dirty Three – “Rain On” (MP3 link removed)

Cinder is the first Dirty Three album to feature vocals (including Cat Power’s) and it (supposedly) sounds a little tighter than their previous albums. Here’s a quote that sums up the Dirty Three sound:

“This is a song about when you’re in a bar and you’re feeling fine, but your friends keep asking you what’s wrong, and you say, nothing, I’m fine, but they keep asking you and soon you realize what shitty friends you have.”

Bars, regret, reflection, the end of late summer and the beginning of early winter. It’s all here.

Dirty Three – “It Happened” (MP3 link removed)

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