Marilyn Manson – “Tattooed In Reverse” Video (Feat. Courtney Love)

Marilyn Manson has made a lot of questionable decisions in this life, and here’s one of them: In the past few months he’s released two different music videos in which he co-stars with Johnny Depp. Today, Manson’s got another new video for another track from his 2017 album Heaven Upside Down. But this time around, he’s got another famous co-star. And this time around, it’s a force of relative stability: Courtney Love.

Yesterday, Manson teased that his new video for “Tattooed In Reverse” would star Love, Manson’s fellow ’90s alt-rock-stardom survivor and former Nine Inch Nails tourmate. Love, sad to say, is only barely in the video. She plays Manson’s nurse, and her role is basically limited to pushing his wheelchair through the hallways of an asylum while he makes scary faces at the camera.

The main plot of the video involves Manson and a whole mob of swag-surfing extras in fencing masks menacing a young woman, doing ritualistic rites that eventually transform her into a lap-dancing asylum inmate. Manson flips the camera off several times. The video is utterly packed with ’90s shock-rock clichés and it’s also got a cameo from Lisa Marie Presley. If you really need to start off your Friday morning by watching Marilyn Manson somehow find ways to descend even further into self-parody, the video is below.

Heaven Upside Down is out now on Loma Vista.