Eels – “Bone Dry”

There is a decent chance that Mark Oliver Everett, the man behind the long-running studio-pop project Eels, has been on your TV recently. Everett has a decent-sized supporting role on Love, the compulsively watchable Netflix show. He plays a guy who is constantly annoyed with show protagonist Gus but who finds himself spending a lot of time with Gus anyway, which means he’s a lot like many of the people who watch Love.

Everett’s got a new Eels album called The Deconstruction coming out next month. Fellow Love actor Mike Mitchell starred in his video for “Today Is The Day,” and we’ve also posted the album’s title track and “Premonition.” Today, Everett has shared a third album track. This one is called “Bone Dry.”

“Bone Dry” rocks a little harder than the other recent Eels songs. It’s propelled by a hard-driving bassline and some reverb-heavy guitar twang. Everett goes full deadpan with his vocal, even when he’s intoning “sha-la-la” on the chorus, as he accuses someone else of drinking all his metaphorical blood. It all serves as a reminder that Everett spent some time in the Buzz Bin in the late ’90s. Listen below.

The Deconstruction is out 4/6.

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