Cardi B Co-Hosts The Tonight Show: Watch Her Tell Jokes And Tell John Mulaney He Looks Like The Pet Shop Boys

Last night, Cardi B was the first-ever Tonight Show co-host alongside Jimmy Fallon, and she did a lot. Fresh off the release of her debut studio album, Invasion Of Privacy and a pregnancy-revealing SNL appearance, she performed the television debut of “Money Bag.” She also helped out with the monologue, played a game with Fallon, talked about her new baby and read from the popular raunchy children’s book Go The Fuck To Sleep. She recorded a voicemail message for a fan, she talked about some of her catchphrases, and she goofed around with the night’s guest John Mulaney. After receiving a baby present from Mulaney, she tells him that “he looks British,” like “the Pet Shop Boys.” Watch all the clips from the show below.