Quarterbacks – “Park”

Before there was Quarterbacks, there was Quarterboy, a tape of songs that Dean Engle recorded between 2013 and 2014 with just a guitar and, occasionally, a skittering drum machine. At the end of this week, Team Love Records is reissuing Quarterboy on tape, and Engle’s included a song that he originally wrote around the time of their full-band debut, but had never recorded. “I sat down in my living room last week, recorded the song on my old machine, and bounced it to the computer to take a listen. Right after, the four track shut off and won’t turn back on, so this might be the last Qboy track,” Engle told The Fader. The new-ish song, “Park,” is filled with the sort of wistful sentimentality that Engle excels at: “I’m supposed to be working my job/ But I’m dreaming of the summer/ You spend a season with a person/ You start to think of them in the morning,” he sings. Listen below.

The Quarterboy cassette reissue is available now.

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