Stream Quarterbacks’ Self-Titled Debut Album

“I believe in pop music the way I wish I believed in god/ Completely, and without question/ I wish there was something higher that I could subscribe to/ To give my life some direction.” Over the course of 19 tracks and 22 minutes, Quarterbacks worship at the altar of pop. They never mull over any one idea for too long, their basic song structures reveal depth over time. After developing over three years and three low-key releases, they coalesce beautifully on their first official full-length. Most of these songs are just jumpy enough to elicit a smile, but they all shuffle along with a deflated and realistic sigh. Like lead singles “Center,” “Pool,” “Not In Luv,” and “Knicks,” all of these tracks deal in desire and love gained, but they mostly focus on love lost or never had at all. “Cuz I don’t have a life plan/ I just have this little band/ Simple songs with simple chords/ But simple songs won’t save your soul.” Listen to the whole album over on NPR.

Quarterbacks is out 2/10 via Team Love Records/Double Double Whammy.

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