At Least They Don’t Call Them Silwallets

Here now, lass, let me stamp yeThis exchange in The AV Club’s interview with Death Cab for Cutie struck me:

AVC: You were approached by at least one label that wanted to sign Death Cab and The Postal Service as a package deal. Did you ever seriously consider that?

BG: Absolutely not. That’s something we could never?to me, that was the big red flag. And, if I recall correctly, it was really only Jimmy Iovine at Interscope that was gunning to get both. He was like, “Why would I only want the one that doesn’t sell as much as the other one?” “Well, because one’s a real band, and the other one is not.” [Laughs.] That idea demeans everybody in the equation?it demeans the value of the band, saying we’re not worth it to you unless you can have this other thing, it demeans my relationship with Jimmy [Tamborello]. That puts me as, like, “I’m the star wonder kid between these two projects.” And plus, I want to keep what I have with Jimmy?which is very special to me, and very creatively satisfying?separate in every way possible from what I’m doing with Death Cab, for everybody’s sanity. There could be no worse situation than ending up on a huge conglomerate major label with two bands fighting for the same attention, and I’m?as the songwriter and voice of both?put on the fucking 50-yard line with both of them. Why would anybody think that’d be a good idea? Seriously. Jimmy Iovine should fucking know better than to think that would be a good idea.

That reminded me: what’s the Postal Service up to? Selling wallets. Probably the only thing the USPS let them license.

(Also: The interview has a nice shout-out to the Otto bar in Baltimore, where Death Cab almost broke up. Do they still have that dollar beer with the monocled logo that looks like Rich Uncle Pennybags?)

(Also also: Chris Walla is missing part of his tongue? Explain.)