New Brockhampton Album Puppy Out In June

New Brockhampton Album Puppy Out In June

Brockhampton are on a hell of a roll right now. The restless, endlessly energetic LA-via-Texas rap collective/boy band put out a trilogy of great Saturation albums last year, one of which we named one of the best albums of 2017. And thankfully, it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping anytime soon.

Shortly before they released Saturation III, the final entry in that trilogy, Brockhampton wrote on Twitter that it would be their “last studio album.” Clearly, that was a lie, and the same day that they released the album, they started teasing another new album called Team Effort. But then they kept fucking with us by saying that they “spoke to god and she told us to save the album for another time.”

Did Team Effort ever actually exist? Who knows! But a new album is indeed on the way, and it seems like Brockhampton might finally be done fucking with us. Earlier this year, they signed to RCA Records, and last night, group ringleader Kevin Abstract tweeted out some cover art along with a promise that their fourth album will be out in June. It looks like it’s called Puppy, not Team Effort.

So: Puppy will be out sometime in June via RCA Records, probably. Get excited.

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