Stream Brockhampton Saturation III

Of all the artists we placed on our list of the year’s best new bands, few have had a 2017 quite as ascendant as Brockhampton’s. Over the course of a few months, a unique origin story, a pair of albums, and clamorous internet buzz all propelled the rap collective into the limelight. And for good reason: Brockhampton are exhilarating, whether you happen to catch one of their exuberant live shows or you’re still blasting Saturation II, one of our favorite albums of the year. You’d think these guys could coast out on that success for the rest of the year, but would you really expect that from a young group so defined by their frenzied energy?

When they suddenly announced Saturation III, it was billed as “The Last Studio Album By Brockhampton.” That didn’t exactly last long: They teased a fourth album on Twitter this afternoon, due out in 2018. Regardless of their shenanigans on that front, there is, at least, yet another new Brockhampton album out there right now to close the Saturation trilogy and to wrap up their dizzying 2017. We’ve already heard previews of Saturation III by way of unreleased music featured in their short film Billy Star and the infectious groove of lead single “Boogie,” alongside “Stains,” which they premiered with Zane Lowe earlier today. Now you can check out the whole album below.

Saturation III is out now.

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