Johnny Marr – “Hi Hello” Video

Johnny Marr, as I’m sure you already know, is the virtuoso behind the Smiths’ chiming, twinkling, jangling guitar sound. In the decades since that band’s demise, he’s been a solo artist, a bandleader, a fun-for-hire guitar genius, and a memoirist. Next month, he returns to the solo-artist hustle when he releases his new album Call The Comet. We’ve already posted his first single “The Tracers,” and now Marr has shared a video for “Hi Hello,” another new song.

The track itself is a good one. There’s a soft, enveloping swagger to the song. Marr has always been brilliant at layering up quietly moving guitar melodies, and he does that here. And as a frontman, he seems more confident than ever. He’s not Morrissey, of course, but he’s got a calm, thoughtful grit in his voice that reminds me of any number of mid-’90s Britpop frontman.

Marr co-directed the “Hi Hello” video with Mat Bancroft, and it’s a bare-bones affair, albeit a nicely shot one. Most of it is just Marr singing and playing guitar in a gazebo, in the middle of the park. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s in Manchester, but I don’t know enough about Manchester geography to recognize a random gazebo. Watch it below.

Call The Comet is out 6/15 via New Voodoo.