Drake & Lil Baby – “Yes Indeed”

It’s been a busy year for Drake— what with Rihanna drama, a new album in the works, basketball season, and the everyday nuisances that come with being Drake. Last month he announced that Scorpion would be out this June. He’s been steadily releasing chart-topping singles and features, and today we get a new one. “Wheezy produced it and Weezy F made me,” Drake raps on “Pikachu.” The Lil Wayne influence that bolstered his early career endures on the beat of this new track. Lil Baby carries most of the weight though, coming in at the 40-second mark. Listen below.

UPDATE: The song is now out officially, and it’s called “Yes Indeed.”

Scorpion is out this June. Expect at least five songs about unfollowing Rihanna on Instagram.