Oh Sees – “Overthrown”

Oh Sees – “Overthrown”

It’s been five months since anything came out under one of the Oh Sees’ many names, which means that John Dwyer has been slacking, at least compared to his normal heavy flow of material. Last year, he released two albums associated with his San Francisco psych-rock project, Orc and Memory Of A Cut Off Head, and another as his experimental outlet Damaged Bug.

But fret not, Oh Sees fans, because Dwyer has a new album coming out in a few months. It’s called Smote Reverser, and a new song from it popped up on the group’s Bandcamp earlier today. That new track is called “Overthrown,” and it’s a frenetic and restless song that feels a little proggish. And check out that album artwork above! Check out the song below.

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