Livestream Kanye West & Kid Cudi’s Kids See Ghosts Listening Party In LA

When Kanye West returned to Twitter in April, he came bearing gifts. Or at least the promise of gifts to come: Five albums from G.O.O.D. Music, one a week, seven tracks each, entirely produced by Kanye himself. So far we’ve gotten Pusha-T’s Daytona and Ye’s Ye, and tomorrow we’re getting Kids See Ghosts, Kanye’s collaborative effort with his once and future protégé Kid Cudi.

But before the album officially comes out, Kanye and Cudi are giving listeners a taste with another listening party. Last Thursday, Ye flew a bunch of celebrities, influencers, journalists, and other prominent types out to a ranch outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming to stand around a campfire and listen to Ye. After having to deal with the whims of capricious famous people and noise complaints from locals, the owners of the ranch have decided to institute a strict “no more rappers” policy, so tonight’s Kids See Ghosts listening party is being held in Los Angeles instead. Or, in other words: No more parties in Wyoming; one more party in LA.

As with the last listening party, this one is being streamed for the benefit of those at home. And once again, if you want to participate, you’ll have to download some app called WAV, which has continued to send me annoying notifications for the past week. With any luck, this livestream will actually start on time, and I’m even more hopeful that it will involve much less staring at a crackling campfire in an empty field while waiting for something to happen. Find the link below; the stream is supposed to start at 11PM ET.

Next up is the Kanye-produced Nas album, which is out 6/15. Teyana Taylor’s album is coming 6/22.

UPDATE: The livestream began nearly 2 hours late. If you stayed up to watch it, you heard a verse from Pusha-T on the first track and a sample of Kurt Cobain (from Montage Of Heck) on the last one. The album not on DSPs as of Friday morning, but you can order a digital copy as part of new merch bundles featuring Takashi Murakami’s album art.