Ryan Adams Writes Jingle For Denver TV Station

Ryan Adams is headlining a show at Colorado’s glorious and historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre tomorrow night, and he is determined to do whatever necessary to sell that motherfucker out. As part of that effort — or, who knows, maybe just for fun — Adams is launching a serious charm offensive on local Colorado media. A couple of weeks ago, he shared a new song called “105.5 The Colorado Sound,” an ode to the area’s adult album alternative radio station. And now he’s got a new and profoundly goofy song that’s dedicated to the local Denver ABC affiliate.

The genesis of Adams’ new track “Denver7 (Piece Of Heaven)” is a Twitter conversation between Adams and local newscaster Shannon Ogden. In slightly mysterious terms, Adams offered to read the weather on a local broadcast and to share his “smooth rap song” about the channel. And now that’s what’s happened. Adams will appear on the 5PM news broadcast today, giving the weather update. And his new track is indeed a smooth rap song.

The deliriously cheesy “Denver7 (Piece Of Heaven)” is a total studio goof, and it does indeed feature Adams doing something that could be described as rapping, in a muttery and vaguely PM Dawn-esque style. Sample lyrics: “Colorado, you’re like a little piece of heaven / Watching TV, turn on channel seven.” (He rhymes “seven” and “heaven” many, many times.) Adams also sings the falsetto hook. Check it out below.

If you want to see Adams at Red Rocks, it’s going down tomorrow night, with First Aid Kit opening.

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