The Mary Onettes – “Cola Falls”

The Mary Onettes – “Cola Falls”

Sweden’s slick dream pop outfit the Mary Onettes are releasing the double A-side single “Cola Falls” and “Wait Out A Ghost” tomorrow. It’s their first release since the buoyant 2016 single “Juna.”

The lead track “Cola Falls” is out today, and it pulses and hums in its swaying ’80s groove. It’s a stealthy song wrapped up in feelings, yet it remains metallic and icy on the surface. The feelings aren’t as much of an outlet as they are a shadowy trap.

Frontman Philip Ekström’s voice floats high above snaking synths but is pulled back in by lines like “I feel things that I don’t wanna feel.” His simple honesty turns deadpan in these moments.

For Ekström, “Cola Falls” conjures the “high, relentless sound of running water.” The track gets its imaginative title from a waterfall in his hometown that he always envisioned flowing with soda. Listen below.

“Cola Falls” is out 6/22 via on Cascine.

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