Kweku Collins – “Sisko And Kasidy” (Feat. Ajani Jones)

We named Chicagoland rapper Kweku Collins an Artist To Watch in 2016, and his energetic performances and adventurous releases since then have continued to fuel our interest. Today Collins has dropped his new single “Sisko and Kasidy.” It’s his first release of 2018, which hopefully means that we’re gonna get a lot more from the Chicago rapper/producer in the coming months.

Featuring fellow Illinois artist Ajani Jones, the track has a late summer night feel, young and truthful but spacey. Every sound sort of drips in this slow, honeyed ooze that becomes hypnotic. It follows the wave of moody, magnetic bummers that don’t always feel like a bummer. I like the way he says “shots,” letting it boomerang back. And the most meditative line, “What if the sun doesn’t come out tomorrow?” is icy and consuming.

Fun fact: The song’s title is a reference to the two black commanders Benjamin Sisko and Kasidy Yates of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Listen below.