Berhana – “Wildin'” Video

Berhana is back from his hiatus, and we’re stoked. In 2016, the LA-based R&B singer had a minor hit with his Fresh Prince Of Bel Air-informed debut single, Janet. On his self-titled EP, Berhana’s poetic voice and cinematic lyrical style quickly attracted lots of hype, particularly “Grey Luh,” which was featured on Donald Glover’s Atlanta. Since then, the 25-year-old has returned with the daydreamy single “Whole Wide World.” Today, he’s releasing the audio and accompanying visuals for a new song called “Wildin'” ahead of a performance this weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

“Wildin'” is a mellow track with a wavy beat and a little sadness underneath — a vibe I’ve come to associate with Berhana’s soulful delivery and introspective bars. The Sam Guest-directed video finds the artist in a dim, smoky setting, sitting in a barber’s chair getting his haircut before a swirl of grainy video clips transports him to the present. Soon he’s standing on a boardroom table singing to a group of normies (who are all filming him with blank expressions on their faces). Dizzying shots of excess and materialism flash from neon lit clubs to bright yellow ferraris as Berhana sings “I’m wildin’ because it’s all I know/ I’m hoping I don’t waste it,” before he reaches a less than luxurious fate. It seems like a pretty clear-cut commentary on the destructive qualities of fame and indulgence, and, as always, Berhana’s visuals are on point. Watch below.