Lil Yachty – “Who Want The Smoke?” (Feat. Cardi B & Offset)

In May, Lil Yachty teased two new songs, one of them being “Who Want Da Smoke” with rapper BlocBoy JB. Since then, it looks like there’s been a lineup switch and the new (and revised) single, “Who Want The Smoke?” is dropping tonight, featuring power couple Cardi B and Offset. Judging by the sound of this track, it’s more like a power trio.

Over the span of twelve months, Yachty’s done a lot. The QC rapper released his debut studio album, Teenage Emotions, followed by a sophomore LP, Lil Boat 2. All the while, Yachty seemed to be everywhere, featured on songs with everyone from Bhad Bhabie to Steve Aoki, and even dropping a single, “Solitaire“, with Gucci Mane and Migos (the three are reportedly working on an upcoming mixtape together under the name Glacier Boyz). Most recently, Yachty collab’d with Valee on the track “Wombo.”

In Bardi years, it feels like an eternity has passed. Since last summer, the Bronx native has gotten married, pregnant, dropped an incredible debut studio album (Invasion of Privacy), and broke an unprecedented chart record for female rappers. Cardi’s husband and Yachty’s labelmate Offset–amidst marriage drama–saw the release of Migos’ third studio album, Culture II. It’s all been brazy. But it doesn’t look like this momentum is stopping anytime soon.

All the rappers want to know is: Who wants the smoke? It’s a hard-hitting and straightforward question, just like the song itself. With a quintessentially intense flow, Cardi delivers her verse with venom and conviction, “They don’t want smoke with me/ The diamonds is choking me/They p*ssy need potpourri/These b*tches is 0-3/ And they in a lower league all in my ovaries.”

The cover art shows Cardi holding a bullet in her mouth, Offset clad in rings and sunglasses, and lil boat covering his face, all in a plume of smoke that’s as red as Yachty’s hair. Listen below.

“Who Want the Smoke?” is out now.