Gill Bondy – “Sick By The Sea”

Gill Bondy is the new indie pop project of Toronto’s Hayden Stewart and Binod Singh. Before the longtime friends joined forces, Singh was college classmates with Nick Hakim and Empress Of’s Lorely Rodriguez, and Stewart’s band First Rate People toured with Born Ruffians. Today the duo is releasing a new single called “Sick By The Sea.”

The song is moody and sprawling, with a slow, rolling rhythm. It has punches of colorful, explorative synths, and the lyrics are honest as they sort through a murky hopelessness, but the overall feeling is calming. Here’s the band on the song’s genesis:

There wasn’t a deliberate theme I set out to write the song about. The lyrics sort of evolved as a result of the writing process. Eventually this theme of misery in paradise had emerged — that you can’t always fix your problems simply by moving locations or shifting your surroundings.

Listen below, and stick around for previous single “12 Days.”

Gill Bondy will have an EP out this fall. In the meantime, purchase or stream “Sick By The Sea” here.

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