Clark – “Harpsichord E.C.S.T.”

Clark – “Harpsichord E.C.S.T.”

UK experimental producer Clark is gearing up to put out a new double A-side single entitled E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X. this September — the first release through his new label, Throttle Records. Recorded in partnership with sample library and virtual instrument company Spitfire Audio, the project is anachronistic; it’s as inspired by classical orchestral arrangements as it is by avant-garde beats and rave culture.

Today we’re premiering the frenetic “Harpsichord E.C.S.T.” Colliding the ecclesiastic spook of the song’s medieval instrument with convulsing, space-age beats, this track builds a new world and travels through centuries in just under seven minutes. Or as Clark put it via email, “It could sound prancingly medieval, but I kind of took a blow torch to it, and made it something totally different.” He continued to explain the song’s eponymous instrument choice: “Harpsichords are the original rave hoovers. They have zero dynamic and are primary, abrasive. Perfect for mental syncopated chords.”

Listen below.

A: “Harpsichord E.C.S.T.”
AA: “Piano E.C.S.T.”

E.C.S.T. T.R.A.X. is out 9/21 via Throttle Records. Pre-order it here.

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